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ICAD offers four main services Video Production, Audio Production, Digital Multimedia Services and Architectural Renderings.

1-Video Production  

Our Services

• TV commercials

3D animation
• 3D animated TV series
• Live video shooting
• Character animation
• Non-linear real time post production editing in SDI and HDTV format.
• Compositing and color correction.
• Special effects.
• Hologram 3D rendering.

• TV game shows. 

2- Audio Production

• Audio video dubbing
• Voice Over recording
• Audio editing
• Music production
• Sound design
• Radio commercial execution
• IVR Systems

3- Digital Multimedia services

We create digital content which is totally CROSS PLATFORM compatible as we do the following:-

• Web developing
• Coding
• Flash Animation

• Publish to mobile
• Publish to iPod/IPhone/IPad
• Publish to web
• Publish to digital posters / plasma screens
• Publish to DVD
• Publish to BlackBerry and PDA's

• Interior and exterior design renders.
• 3D virtual tours of properties.
• Walkthroughs (interior and exterior).
• Compositing rendered models into real life photograph or digitally created environment.
• Animated self-constructing building.

4- Architectural Renderings

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